Free Professional Attorney for all Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Rutgers University Student Legal Services (RUSLS) provides eligible Rutgers University-New Brunswick students with professional legal advice and assistance at no cost by attorneys licensed to practice in the State of New Jersey. Our mission is to give students a place to go to have their questions answered so that their legal issues do not interfere with their academic pursuits. Our Services Include:

  • *Legal Consultation
  • Notary Services
  • Attorney Referral
  • Community Outreach & Education
  • Pre-Law Advising

*Legal Consultation for matters that might involve the following: arrests; landlord/tenant; civil suits; municipal court; traffic violations; criminal/quasi-criminal; domestic violence; family matters; immigration/INS/DACA; business/intellectual property.

Student Legal Services Podcast: Alcohol and Football

Tina Martins Cruz, the director of Rutgers' Office of Student Legal Services offers pointers and tips about college football and alcohol possession and consumption, especially for underage students.