RUSLS attorneys will not represent students in court, nor will they file any lawsuit, motion or any other legal action on behalf of a student. The RUSLS attorneys will not assist students with claims against the University, its agents, servants, employees or other students, but will assist students with referral options. The RUSLS attorneys will not assist in defending matters brought by the Rutgers University Department of Student Conduct.

RUSLS will specifically not evaluate third-party claims, the work of other attorneys, or the monetary value of claims. Nor will SLS attorneys provide notice pursuant to the New Jersey Tort Claims Act (NJSA Title 59:1.1 et. Seq.), other state tort claims notice requirements, or any Federal Tort Claims notice requirements.  RUSLS, however, will assist with referral to attorneys who can advise and assist on such issues.

The RUSLS reserves the right to discontinue and/or withdraw on any matter deemed a conflict of interest, outside the scope of services, or one where adequate representation of counsel is being hindered by lack of student cooperation.